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Our customer case

We have a very successful South African customer. The customer was already in Chimer and a simple conversation with him, we learned that the customer is really dna when he called to ask about our main products. The first time we contacted, the customer asked to come to the company to see, we are also happy to accept. However, the customer did not provide more information about himself, leaving us with a lot of mysterious colors. Because we don't know the specific needs and basic information, we are ready to receive customers according to the basic process.

After receiving the customer and a simple conversation with him, I learned that the customer is really demanding our products - tent fabric, which has caused us to pay more attention to the customer. After that, we showed the carefully prepared PPT to the customer and explained the information of our company and the application and sales of our products. After listening , the customer invited us to browse his company's website. This is also a lot of trust for us.

The customer's company mainly do the tents selling and renting. After we have browsed in detail, we found that they are basically regular products that we sell a lot. While we explain other uses of the product, the customer is also very surprised by the application field of our products, and he said frankly that he only know that the products can make tents, and that he may expand into other application areas in the future.

Because we have high-quality products and a strong professional foundation, this customer is also very easy to be seized. Customer’s interest in other applications is also very beneficial to us, and there will be more opportunities to cooperate with him in the future.




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