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Customer case

We used to have a German customer Garcia. It’s no different from the usual client. It’s the first time to contact with us by mail, Since the client reply the email is slower and request too much details and request small quantity.  we didn’t take too much time and energy on him. Waiting for a long time in the process of going through will always cause people to lose patience. After a long stranding time, we gradually no longer care too much about this customer.

After about half a month later, we suddenly received a email from Garcia. He mentioned that he would come to China and hope to come to our company to talk about some products after 10days. This is also a very pleasant surprise.  It normally will build up more trust and have a long time business relation after communicating with each other face to face.

Next is the intensive arrangement of the reception, we contacted with him in advance and and know about they have 3 people come together.  We arrange to booked the hotel for them,  In that day, everything we arranged well, we sent them to hotel have a good rest after pick up them at the airport.  because the long journey is always exhausting. On the second day, we had a detailed discussion with them more than 5 hours.  According to their information and know about the company is one of the biggest importer in Germany . They were very satisfied with our professional product knowledge, office environment and samples quality,  price and good service , and they also expressed their sincerity to establish a cooperative relationship with us. All the negotiations were smooth, and they directly placed PVC Tarpaulin tent fabric orders for 5*40FCL for the first time. They have also maintained a cooperative relationship with us now and almost every two months there will be an order.



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