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What companies are producing PVC Tarpaulin Suppliers ?
The 21st century has seen the rapid development of PVC Tarpaulin business. Nowadays there are many enterprises focusing on this field. They are busy establishing a complete supply chain and furthermore completing the whole industry chain. Dongguan XIYANG Leather Co., LTD is one of the players. Since the establishment, we have developed our own technology to simplify the production process and reduce the production cost, and at the same time, we have contracted with several material suppliers to guarantee the property of the finished products. We have a goal to become a leader in the domestic PVC Tarpaulin segment.

2018 XYQY PVC Tarpaulin is an export-oriented enterprise, which takes export products as a leading factor. XYQY PVC Tarpaulin's waterproof pvc fabric series include multiple types. The product is quality-assured as it has been stringently tested on various parameters before coming into the market. It is anti-mildew and can maintain a perfect appearance for a long time. This product is favored by the majority of the people and shows the broad market application prospects of this product. The product is made of 100% polyester which has good elastic resilience.

Our ambition is to become the leading pvc tarpaulin tent manufacturer. Get more info!
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