Professional manufacturer and supplier of PVC tarpaulin with years' experience, quality assurance.

Is XYQY PVC Tarpaulin professional in producing tarpaulin swimming pool ?
Dongguan XIYANG Leather Co., LTD started as a company manufacturing PVC Tarpaulin years ago. Up to now, we have successfully formed our own production system that has been optimized by several excellent generations of the company. The whole set of the production process is guaranteed to be highly efficient, which can save a lot of unnecessary labor time. Also, every employee involved in the processes of designing, R&D, manufacturing, and quality checking is regularly trained and highly responsible. All these help elevate our production level and improve our professionalism in manufacturing the products.

2018 XYQY PVC Tarpaulin is a leading pvc tarpaulin manufacturer in China. XYQY PVC Tarpaulin's pvc tarpaulin series include multiple types. A good design of pvc tarpaulin tent is a icing on the cake in XYQY. It is anti-mildew and can maintain a perfect appearance for a long time. This product is free of any objectionable odor or any pungent smell which may do harm to the human body. Its bearing strength is particularly strong.

XYQY has great ambitions to develop the growth of pvc tarpaulin market. Ask!
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