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How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?
For the minimum order quantity for ODM products, please consult our customer service. Once you provide us with conceptual information and detailed specifications, we will inform you of the design, prototyping and estimating the total cost of each unit cost before the project begins. We are committed to providing you with quality solutions through ODM services. We are experts in your field, just like you and you.

2018 Dongguan XIYANG Leather Co., LTD, like many pvc inflatable boat manufacturing firms in China, is an export-oriented company. XYQY PVC Tarpaulin's tent tarpaulin series include multiple types. When it comes to comparing with other products, our pvc tarpaulin is of greater appearance. Its coated parts can retain fully dimensional stability. Its quality is ensured with the help of a very strict inspection system. It is widely used in tents, truck tarpaulins, inflatable boats, inflatable trampolines, and bouncy castles.

XYQY has its great goal of influencing the global market of manufacturing inflatable fabric. Inquiry!
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