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Any export certifications on pvc fabric material ?
Export certification is strong evidence about product quality and positioning. Dongguan XIYANG Leather Co., LTD has made every effort to get credentials on pvc fabric . The product is always tested to make sure that it is up to our own production standards. This includes sample and product tests. Third party certifications have been carried out. This accounts for a certain proportion in the total sales.

2018 XYQY PVC Tarpaulin is a large-scale pvc tarpaulin fabric products manufacturer. XYQY PVC Tarpaulin's tent tarpaulin series include multiple types. Structurally safe and adaptable to soft polyester fabric, stretch polyester fabric is superior to other products. It has the characteristics of high color fastness. Every detail of this product has been carefully examined and checked to ensure the high quality. Its coated parts can retain fully dimensional stability.

2018 XYQY PVC Tarpaulin offers customers very competitive prices and stable raw material source. Inquire!
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